can save lives in the Elgin Community.
    that need to be addressed as soon as possible.

The Elgin community has important critical imperative serious immediate vital behavioral health needs.

Many factors protect or threaten the health of Elgin residents. For behavioral health issues, poverty, access to care, culture, family structure and language isolation can impact identification and successful treatment.

What is the problem?

Everyone knows someone impacted by mental illness, addiction, or developmental disabilities.

1 in 5

experiences a mental illness in a given year.

Developmental disabilities

have one or more developmental disabilities or other developmental delays.

1 in 5

aged 13-18 experiences a severe mental disorder at some point during their life.

1 in 10 adults

youth aged 12 and older have used an illicit drug such as heroin, cocaine or marijuana in the past month.

National stats from NAMI and CDC: Numbers are approximate.

What is the solution?

The passage of a referendum that establishes a mental health board. This referendum will allow voters to decide to support increased local funding for local mental health, developmental disabilities and substance use services for Elgin Township residents who need and/or are on wait lists for these critical services.

Vote YES to mental health on March 17, 2020

Vote yes

What will it mean to you and your family to have a
mental health board?

Improved local services

Illinois communities with 708 Boards have improved local services to those in need.

Community commitment

708 Boards are composed of local citizens who have a vested interest in community services.

More attention to community needs

708 Boards are based on careful long-term planning based specifically on community need.

More direct services

The ability of a 708 Board to focus geographically on local need ensures that more funding is dedicated to providing direct services.

Gaps in services are reduce/eliminated

Gaps in service, such as long waiting lists or arbitrary cut-off limits for underserved populations, are greatly reduced – and possibly eliminated - by a 708 Board.

Increased ability to act quickly in critical times

Due to the establishment of a careful and comprehensive community service plan that is managed by a board of local citizens, 708 Boards have increased ability to act quickly in times of critical need.

Greater funding

A 708 Board’s community plan allows for greater funding from grant and foundation programs, thus increasing potential for non-tax funding of programs and services


Elgin Population

Important Testimonials

Why is mental health so important?

Supporting organizations


Ability to act quickly when families are in crisis


Reduce or eliminate gaps in service such as long waiting lists or arbitrary cut-off limits.

counselor evaluating woman

Screening for prevention and early detection.

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  • Family smiling

Comprehensive local support services targeted to the needs of the local community to ensure that preventive and therapeutic programs are streamlined accessible, and affordable for all residents in the Township.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead.

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